MAMMA: Mothers Advocating Medical Marijuana for Autism


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“Dear Board Member –

I am writing to you to voice my support for a YES vote to add Autism Spectrum Disorder as a qualifying condition to become an Ohio MMCP patient.

I believe there is strong and substantial scientific evidence that supports the use of medical cannabis as a safe viable treatment for autism spectrum disorder. There are several Ohio physicians and scientists who agree, and have provided expert testimony on the matter.

Moreover, a bevy of states, including Colorado, Delaware, Georgia, Iowa, Louisiana, Michigan, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Utah and the territory of Puerto Rico have all permitted autism as a qualifying condition for their medical cannabis programs, pediatric patients included. Other states such as California, Florida, Oklahoma, Oregon. Massachusetts, and Washington DC all also recognize autism as a debilitating condition and allow doctors to recommend medical cannabis.
With more states expected soon, due to strong scientific evidence, including Texas.

A vote against adding this condition would restrict chronically ill patients in severe need from even discussing this as an option with their doctor. Please vote with a majority of the experts, and support the addition of autism as a qualifying condition.

I urge you to consider the evidence and will of Ohioans to add Autism Spectrum Disorder to the qualifying condition list.

(Your name)

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